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  • It was love at first sight, the natural wood, the smooth feel, and I looked pretty cool too… for an old broad. But my DJ’s turned out to be much more than just a pretty bauble. The fit is great, no slipping, no pressure on my sinuses (allergy season can be the worst!) and the clarity is amazing. Driving west on the highway on a sunny afternoon used to be dreadful, but my DJ’s turn the glaring sun into tiny points of blue – amazing! Thanks, Daniel James!” – Mary, Rhode Island

  • I bought a pair of the purple sunglasses for my daughter and she absolutely loves them! Wears them all of the time. – Mike, Massachusetts

  • I purchased a pair of DJ’s Redwood sunglasses, and I could not be happier. They are superior in quality to the “big name brand” pair of sunglasses I had previously purchased. The lenses are incredible and I can see things crisply and clearly. Because of the spring hinges, they fit my fat head like a glove. And they are extremely fashionable. I get compliments about them wherever I wear them. I would highly recommend DJ sunglasses to anyone interested in quality, comfort and fashion. – Brad, Illinois

  • I bought a pair of the Killer Whale swim goggles for my father-in-law who is a competitive long-distance swimmer. He loves them and wears them all the time. I also bought a pair of the Redwood sunglasses for myself and I really love them. So comfortable. They don’t pinch the sides of my head like my other sunglasses. Also, they don’t slip. Extremely happy with my choices. – April, North Carolina.

  • True story. Took my wife and 2-year old son on a vacation trip recently. As we were packing to leave, I noticed my wedding ring was missing! You know the drill, we looked everywhere, under the bed, in the closet, in the clothes, nothing. Then I remembered that I took my son swimming earlier in the hotel pool. The ring must have fallen off in the pool! So the only swim goggles I had with me with was the pair of "Guppy's" from Daniel James Eyewear that I had purchased earlier for my son. I put on the goggles, adjusted the straps and nosepiece as wide as possible and dove in the pool, And, there at the bottom of the pool, in the deep end, I found my wedding ring. So thankful. My son's DJE swim goggles saved the day! - Chris, Newton, MA

  • My friends call me "Hollywood" when I wear my redwood sunglasses by Daniel James Eyewear because of their unique style and look.- Pete, Revere, MA

  • I usually buy cheap sunglasses mainly because I tend to lose or damage them fairly quickly. In a recent contest, I won a pair of Daniel James Eyewear wooden sunglasses (Redwood Wayfarer) and I have to say that they are THE BEST sunglasses I have ever had...They are light, comfortable, and best of all, they work great! I commute over an hour to work and get the morning sun and the evening sun going home. No more headaches! Mary Ellen, Belchertown, MA